What does Lantern Press do?

We create original, hand-illustrated artwork, and offer this artwork across a curated selection of gift, souvenir, and keepsake products.

How are your products made?

Most Lantern Press products are print on demand and created especially for your order. We are proud to manufacture and print the majority of our products on-site in our Seattle facility, alongside select domestic US partners. Some of our ready-made products are designed in Seattle and manufactured overseas.

What can I do with artwork? Can I name drop it? Can I put it on any product I want?

Lantern Press offers both customizable and ready-made options.

Customizable products can be name dropped, and feature either full image or contour artwork. Some artwork is optimized by product and may have limited products or colors available. Most of our catalog is customizable.

The Protect Our National Parks, Firelight, and Celebrate the Place collections are examples of ready-made. They have unique artwork for specific products and cannot be name dropped or altered. These products are the easiest to order—just choose the finished product you like and go.

Do you have my location?

Yes, we do have art for your location – or we can make it for you! Our extensive catalog offers images from across North America, including specific locations as well as broad appeal images perfect for name dropping. If your location isn't represented, request a name drop or custom art from us in one of our core art styles.

How do I customize art?

Our team and sales reps can guide you in creating name drops and new custom imagery by letting you know what you need and an overview of the timeline. Contact your rep, call us at 206-229-6435, or email support@lanternpress.com to get started.

Can I print my own photography on Lantern Press products?

We can print photography you provide, if you own the copyright to the photo and sign a release. Please provide a high-resolution file (300dpi at least 12” wide) in a .PSD or .PDF format. There is a minimum order in product for each photo requested.

What are your top-selling products?

Badge Magnets, Postcards, Die Cut Stickers, 1000 Piece Puzzles, Art Prints, and Coasters are among our customers' favorites.

How can I merchandise your product?

You have various display options, and each is free with a minimum product order. See our catalog for a list of displays, or ask our support team or your sales rep for details. We are experts in knowing how many images and which products are best for a given space, so reach out if you'd like some merchandising guidance. Don't have room for a display? We have creative ideas for pegwalls, tables, and other faces too!

How do I open an account?

Please contact support@lanternpress.com and we will assist in getting you set up.

What are your payment options?

We require a credit card on opening orders with new customers. After your first order, terms may be available.

Are there minimum order requirements?

Yes. Minimum requirements are in place for product orders, name drops, and custom art requests. Please see our current catalog or contact us for details.

Can I order online?

Yes, wholesale.lanternpress.com features a portal for you to place and track orders. We're happy to help if you have questions while shopping online.

How does Lantern Press ship?
Our shipping rates are:
  • Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID): 10%
  • West (CA, NV, UT, AZ, CO, WY, MT): 11%
  • All other mainland states: 13%
  • Alaska: 15%
  • Hawaii, Guam, Virgin Islands, and all U.S. territories: 16%
  • The shipping rate for all third-party products (drinkware, playing cards, and stretched canvas) will be 14% for all destinations except AK, HI, and territories; these will be calculated at the regional rate listed above. We can also use clients' preferred shipping methods. For shipping to other locations, please contact your Sales Manager for more information.


Don’t see your question above? Contact us at support@lanternpress.com.